North Carolina Turkey Hunting

Turkey Tom

North Carolina wild turkey hunting is some of the finest hunting in the country. Most years North Carolina’s turkey season starts the first Saturday of April, with a full week of youth season. The following Saturday the regular season starts and runs thru the next four weeks ending sometime in May.

The type of terrain to hunt turkeys in North Carolina can vary from the flat lands of the coastal plains in the east, to the rolling land of the central piedmont, all of the way to the hills of the western mountains. At this time their is a statewide opening and closing of our turkey seasons.

In North Carolina both bearded males and females are legal. The beard is a course string of hairs that comes out of a turkey’s chest. The one year old turkeys have a short beard, small spurs and a tail fan that is not completely full. A wild turkey that is at least 2 years old, most years will have a beard length greater than 7″. Spurs should be at least 3/4″ and their tail feathers should be a consistent semi circle.

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